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The Rotating Trio: Potpourri

For your reading convenients below you will find all the Rotating Trio: Potpourri published in 2018

February 2018

As I belatedly put away my Christmas decorations, my dependency on plastic became apparent. My small Christmas tree and lit baskets are each covered with a garbage bag, sealed up, and ready for the next year. Making decorating and storage a cinch, yes, the cinch bags work best. These bags are the ones with the easy to use drawstring.

Then there are the plastic Zip Locs which are a must for me. The 1 gallon ones work well for such things as opened packages of bacon, head lettuce, and other veggies that need to be sealed up but easily accessible. If the package has been open, and no easy way of resealing is possible, Zip Loc to the rescue. Cookies, crackers, cereal or chips, yes it works. The chip clips which many people have and I seem to lose easily can be replaced with wooden clothes pins. No, I have no clothes line, but remember how ours worked. The pins are handy for many things, like closing packages and the bags inside the cereal and other boxes. Many dollar stores carry both the chip clips and packages of clothes pins.

Now, for another type of plastic, well, not really. I think plastic when thinking of gift cards, but this one is sent via email, that is the Uber Eats Gift Card. Recently we found this a way to help with one staying at the hospital with a family member. So, hopefully you can use this tip for someone when they are in another city or state and you have felt unable to help in any way.

this service enables you to have one, or more meals delivered to you from participating restaurants. You can also download their app from the app store or google play. You can find out more about this at their website:

Until next time, Happy New Year, and enjoy the Perks of Plastic.

May 2018

Little things can get big results

Microwaves and garbage disposals can often present some of our most annoying kitchen dilemmas. This is especially the case if you never bake and the original instructions are still safely tucked in the oven.

Microwave messes, such as the splattered cheese or tomato sauce from the uncovered container can be easily removed. Rather than the scrubbing and complaining, place a damp dishcloth with or without a bit of dish detergent in the microwave. Set it for 1 minute and start.

Use a protective oven mit when grasping the steaming cloth. Wipe out microwave. Rinse rag and rinse inside. The steam from the damp cloth melts the mess, making it easy to remove. Don't forget to wipe the sides, top and underneath the turn table.

Now, for removing the burnt popcorn smell inside, or reheated fish,) Pew). Place a cup of water and lemon juice inside. Let heat for two minutes, and this should eliminate the smell.

Garbage disposals have some unrequired system of accumulating gunk under the protective rubber flap. Buy a toilet bowl brush for the kitchen. Not only can you brush out the bottom, but bring the brush up under the flap and give as you do the rim of the toilet bowl. The brush can get places that your cloth and hand find difficult. Try it.

Cleaning glass top stove preparation:
Start by making sure the stove is off and is in no danger of being accidently switched on while you are cleaning it. If it has recently been used, it is also beneficial to wait until the stove has completely cooled down before you start any work. In addition, to prevent the problem worsening, it is best to avoid using the stove until the burnt food has been cleaned away.

Cleaning the glass top surface of your stove:
Bar Keeper's Friend is a product recommended to me by a good Italian cook. Buy the Stove Top Cleaner variety available online from Wall-Mart, Target, and yes, Amazon. Apply to wet sponge, rub surface, and after standing one minute, rinse and dry thoroughly. For more info for Bar Keeper's Friend, Google it.

Happy Results!

August 2018

With summer in full swing, keeping cool can often create major problems. A cooling trick which can be used in and out of doors is a neck cooler. Yes, that is exactly what I said. If googling, you can come up with many, many hits, but let's see what can be done with what you have on hand.

Take a clean hand towel or dish towel and soak in cold water. Wring out as much water as possible, and wrap around your neck. The back of your neck, behind the knees and inside the elbows are points to apply cool cloths if overheated. Getting cooled down will help with resting/sleeping more comfortably.

Hot weather also brings out the smells of kitchen trash cans. Rinse off those paper plates, plastic and frozen food containers. Yes, it sounds like washing your garbage. You will be reducing unpleasant odors and invitations to ants who are always looking for a picnic.

Use discarded air-tight containers like jars, Tide pod tubs and used zip loc bags for things that can't be run through the garbage disposal. Heat intensifies the smell of all of these.

Here are two simple and easy ways to cut down on kitchen trash can odors. First place newspaper in the bottom of your trash can and some at the bottom of each new trash bag to absorb any spilled liquids. Secondly, tape a scented dryer sheet to the trash can liner near the top of the bag. The scented dryer sheet will mask unpleasant odors for a week or more.

So, until next time, keep cool and keep your kitchen fresh smelling!

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