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The A T Banter Podcast

A T Banter is a weekly podcast featuring a balanced and entertaining look at Assistive Technology and the people who use it, with insights and discussions from varied technology specialists and those in the community.

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We all here at The Blind Perspective hope you are enjoying reading the newsletter each and every month. As always, be sure to send us your opinions, suggestions, comments, and questions. Here is some exciting news to share about The Blind Perspective! We now have and audio format of the newsletter. I would like to introduce you to our newest member of The Blind pperspective, Teddy, our audio technician. He has worked hard in creating this new and fantastic edition of the newsletter. Should you have any questions for Teddy you can email him at: Teddy@theblindperspective.com This audio version will be available monthly on the website. We are currently working with other venues to host our new audio format. For our debut you can Click Here to Listen to the June 2017 Audio Copy Volume 3 Issue #6

Be sure to check out our sponsor of the month. They have great informative podcasts on a variety of topics dealing with assistive technology. Not too long ago they conducted an interview with our very own author of The Braille Highway, Nat Armeni. The direct link to that podcast is: at-banter-podcast-epsiode-48

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